Category FAQs

Post a Listing

To post a new listing on The SurfShare, follow these 4 easy steps: Step 1: Click on the “Post a New Listing” button on the Main Page. This will open up the option to choose your specific category. Step 2: Select the category that corresponds to the listing that you would like to publish. Step 3:… Continue reading

Connect Your Social Media

Here is a quick tutorial for anyone who is having trouble adding their social media links to their profile page on The SurfShare. Here are 2 Quick Steps that will help you add your social media links: In fact, it’s quite simple, and all that you have to remember is that each space needs the full hyperlink… Continue reading

Connecting PayPal

Are you having a bit of trouble connecting your PayPal Account to your SurfShare Profile? No worries. We’ve got you covered in 5 simple steps. Perhaps you’ve tried to Post a Listing, but you got the following screen: Do not panic, we will walk you through the process to get your SurfSharing in no time. The… Continue reading